How Title Insurance Works

What To Know About NJ Title Insurance

You should know from the start that you have the legal right to select your title agent, no matter who your realtor or lender recommends. Having said that, it makes sense to heed the advice of your lender or realtor, because they have many years of relevant experience and have long since figured out who are the best title agents in the county.

The decision is seldom based on cost. In New Jersey, as in most states, the title related costs (such as those for the title search, document recording and title insurance policy) are regulated. The Closing Disclosure will detail all title related costs. Sometimes an adjustment may be needed, such as when the seller agrees to pay for closing costs. All this information will be carefully reviewed at the closing and you should always ask questions if you are not completely comfortable. At Heritage Abstract, we know that the best closings are the ones with no surprises.

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