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Heritage Abstract saw that attorneys both in and out of the real estate specialty required better results from closings. We responded by creating our latest innovative department that executes closings with maximum efficiency. Our deep knowledge base allows us to perform closings without requiring the attendance of our attorney clients, with no compromise in professionalism or compliance.

Our Closing/Settlement Department opens up a world of possibilities to general practitioners and real estate attorneys alike. At closings, we are your white label staff, generating an important income cash flow without adding any time demands to your already hectic day. As your representatives, we ensure closings proceed just as you would expect. This is possible because our staff is composed of many seasoned professionals with years of real estate experience, professionals who know how to efficiently complete a property transaction.

Not only does this give you access to important income streams, it can also mean substantial cost savings to your practice, especially if you are a general attorney who does not want to commit to the expenses of maintaining a staff of real-estate paralegals. We travel to your closings knowing exactly what is expected, including any special considerations or fine points that require extra attention. You can rest assured that Heritage Abstract uses only internal staff to perform closings, because that is the only way we can guarantee consistent excellence and full compliance. Your clients will be highly gratified at the closing experience we deliver on your behalf, and so will you.

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Heritage Abstract has two convenient locations:

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